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Alice van Cal introduces The Birthstone Collection

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Jewellery designer Alice van Cal has introduced its new initiative named ‘The Birthstone Collection’ where every month of 2022 a new piece or capsule collection will be launched featuring the birthstone of the month.

For the February Birthstone, it has put together a collection that includes all its new creations where Amethyst is the protagonist.

The collection features a variety of earrings and necklaces, all based around the Amethyst gem, a variety of quartz which comes in a violet hue.

The Jeweller said: “At Alice van Cal we fully embrace this spiritual role that jewellery can play in our lives and how it can help us be the best version of ourselves.

“Along with the general belief that birthstones bring good energy, we aim to widen our choice of ethically-sourced gemstones so that our customers can find the perfect one for them and start their self-growth journey.”

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