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Amethyst Engagement Ring Solitaire Style

Amethyst Engagement Rings: One of the most popular colors of all the gemstones is the purple of the Amethyst. It is a gorgeous deep purple and favored by many of today’s lady buyers. It can be a standout solitaire style ring or a very attractive three-stone ring complemented with sparkling diamonds. Amethysts are not as durable and hard as diamonds or sapphires, but they hold their own while being used as everyday wear. They are sufficiently hard and durable for this type of wear. They can last a lifetime is you are kind to them and take excellent care. Bear in mind though, they are not as hard as diamonds.

Back in the days of yesteryear, the Amethyst were once only permitted to be worn by Royalty in various cultures. They were thought of as a luxury. Nowadays, they are known for their gorgeous purple hue and are used in engagement rings, pendants, earrings and many other jewelry styles.

Amethyst Meaning:  Amethysts are said to strengthen personal relationships and offer courage and clarity to those who wear them. Amethysts are thought to be natural tranquilizers and help with the relief of pain and stress. Also it is thought to balance mood swings and alleviate anger and anxiety. A beautiful amethyst engagement ring will make the perfect symbol for your special someone. It is also said that anyone who desires honor and good health, wealth and fame should wear this stone. The amethyst is also thought to resist drunkenness. However, this might be expecting a little much.

Gorgeous Amethyst Stud Earrings

Gorgeous Amethyst Stud Earrings

Amethyst Birthstone: The Amethyst is the birthstone of February.

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