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Berry’s Jewellers unveils OPEIA collection for 125th anniversary

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Berry’s Jewellery, family-owned expert jeweller, has launched the special edition ‘Opeia’ collection to celebrate its 125th year in business.

The collection is made up of 10 pieces, comprising a necklace, a small and large pendant, a pair of drop and stud earrings, three rings, a bangle and a bracelet.

Designed by Berry’s in-house designer, Emily Rose Holdich, the Opeia collection draws inspiration from the five generations of the Berry’s family who have run the business since its first store opened in 1897.

The final portfolio is inspired by shooting stars, comets and other cosmic phenomena that are showcased in the designs of the range, which is named after the constellation of Cassiopeia.

Holdich said: “The collection is contemporary, yet timeless, with a focus on creating wearable pieces that will stand the test of time and celebrate the company’s most important milestone to date.

“With Berry’s heritage, the theme of ‘family’ was a central concept in the collection, from mood board to final design. Opeia takes its name from Cassiopeia, a five-point constellation in the shape of a W, which is a nod to the Walton family who have run Berry’s for five generations.”

Simon Walton, managing director, added: “Opeia is without a doubt a beautiful collection and one befitting such an anniversary for Berry’s. It is testament to Emily and her team’s skills that the pieces are so arresting and we’re sure they will draw a lot of attention.

“To make 125 years is a sign of celebration, we wanted to mark it by producing something that our clients can celebrate with us.”

Berry’s boasts boutiques across the nation, including York, Leeds, Newcastle, Hull, Nottingham and Windsor.

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