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British Academy of Jewellery collaborates with Fuli Gemstones

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The British Academy of Jewellery (BAJ) has announced it is collaborating with Fuli Gemstones to give its Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Diploma students “hands-on experience” working with Fuli’s natural peridot.

The BAJ said the project challenges its level 5 diploma students to design and make jewellery featuring a Fuli peridot. Fuli Gemstones has donated a peridot for every student to use in their creation.

The pieces created by the students as part of the collaborative project will be exhibited at the Fuli Gemstones lounge as a part of The Jewellery Cut Live, the London-based boutique jewellery show, which will take place in April 2022.

Each piece of jewellery made by the students will reportedly “reflect the history and meaning” of the precious gemstone.

Meanwhile, the BAJ said its Fuli Gemstones collaboration will give students the chance to work with precious gemstones, and to gain professional experience in gemstone setting and jewellery design. 

Additionally, the BAJ said this is also an opportunity for its students to gain hands-on experience of creating jewellery to a real professional brief set by an international gemstone mining company.

Kate Rieppel, head of academy at the BAJ, said: “This project allows our students to develop a deep understanding of what it’s like to work to a professional jewellery brief, while also giving them experience of designing and creating with real gemstones.

“It’s an incredibly rare and special experience for our learners to experience working with coloured gemstones; particularly peridot. They will find incredible inspiration from the beautiful vibrancy of these unique stones.”

Pia Tonna, chief marketing officer for Fuli Gemstones, said: “We are looking for innovation in setting, striking designs, conceptual yet wearable pieces.”

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