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Christie’s at Dubai Watch Week 2021

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 It’s Dubai Watch Week 2021. This 5th Edition of what has evolved into one of the global watch industry’s premier events is set to be the largest yet in size and scope – with more brands and activities than ever, including the Horology Forum, Creative Hub and the (always overbooked) Master Classes as well as a new addition to the format: the Collector’s Lounge providing an intimate setting for watch lovers and connoisseurs from across the globe to interact with their peers as well as industry leaders.

 “The auctions held in Dubai over the last decade have clearly played a role in cementing the importance of Dubai not only as a regional hub but as a global beacon in the watch world, and the emergence and growing success of Dubai Watch Week only mirrors the exponential growth in such a short time. With every edition, it is both humbling and gratifying to see how The Week touches every corner of the community and brings together such a diverse spectrum of professionals, collectors, aficionados who truly appreciate the magical atmosphere here in Dubai. Every Dubai Watch Week sets the bar higher for the next and the Christie’s Pavilion provides the perfect setting for doing our best to prove up to the challenge. Visitors will be amazed by the exclusive watch – and art – collections on display and the calibre of speakers who share Christie’s values and look forward to sharing their expertise – and stories!”

Diverse and Exclusive – Exhibitions and talks at the Christie’s Pavilion

 With each Dubai Watch Week, the Christie’s Pavilion consistently lives up to its status as the must-visit – for a rewarding experience that will be as informational as it is inspiring, as educational as it is enchanting. The Christie’s Pavilion will host a comprehensive programme of lectures with private collectors and experts alike. Also on exhibit at Christie’s: private collections of exceptional watches and timepieces for Private Sales – a welcome stroll down memory lane in-between with the modern watches presented by the attending brands.

 Exclusive exhibitions at the Christie’s Pavilion

 Patek Philippe ‘My Dream’ collection

The personal collection of Ali Nael, a renowned Singapore-based collector and trader, who curated a Patek Phillipe collection focused on quality. The collection includes a wide variety of pieces dating from 1858 to 1995.

 The ‘Boom Collection’

A personal watch collection from a discerning Asian collector featuring contemporary timepieces with a focus on Patek Philippe grand complications and highly sought-after Richard Mille.

 Universal Genève: Greatest Hits

The personal collection of Max Bernardini, a renowned Italian watch collector and leading trader with a fascination in Universal Genève timepieces. This exhibition will showcase the depth of the brand’s repertoire from mid-century military watches to chronographs from the 1960s.

 My Time by Sandro Fratini

Meet Sandro Fratini and his collection embodied into the book My Time that features the spirit of his vintage collection. This book features one of the most important watch collections ever published in the world. Some of the timepieces included in the book will be present at the exhibition.

 Just some of the fascinating stories in store at the Christie’s Pavilion…

 Universal Genève: A Collector’s Initiation – Max Bernardini shares his experience collecting Universal Genève watches and explain why they remain an underappreciated and undervalued brand in the vintage watch world. (24 November)

 The Current State of the Collector’s Watch Market – In a post-Covid world, renowned expert and collector Eric Tortella discusses what the current market reflects and what the future of watch collecting looks like. (24 November)

 The Collector’s Journey with Ali Nael – Trace Ali Nael’s 10-year journey from being a young watch enthusiast to a seasoned collector and trader. The author will share anecdotes from his odyssey across continents hunting for rare timepieces, how he built his network and developed a roadmap of acquisition for himself and his clients. (25 & 27 November)

 Sandro Fratini’s Storia d’amore – A collector who began in the 1970s, Fratini is known to have possibly the largest watch collection in the world today. His collection is focused on traditional vintage watches, mainly Patek Philippe and Rolex. Sandro discusses his experiences of collecting along the way and how he came to achieve this grand collection showcased in his book. (25 & 27 November)

 A History of Collecting Watches – Join Eric Tortella, watch expert & Patek Philippe scholar, as he takes you through a retrospective of the phases and evolution of the watch market since the mechanical watch renaissance. (25 November)

 How to Build a Formidable Patek Philippe Collection? – A must-attend talk by one of the world’s leading Patek Philippe scholars, Eric Tortella, to find out what you need to look out for when you invest in a Patek Philippe watch to build a strong and enduring collection. (26 November)

 Top 20th and 21st Century Artists from the Region – Suzy Sikorski, Specialist in Middle Eastern 20th and 21st Century Art at Christie’s, discusses the top 10 artists to watch from across the region. A look into the most sought-after series made in part by top auction records and private sales with an international appetite. (28 November)

 An Insider’s Perspective on How to Win Big at Auctions – As a emerging collector, the auction room can be an intimidating space. Hosted by Remy Julia and Nitin Nair, both industry experts from Christie’s, this talk will offer an insider’s perspective on what to expect, how to bid and, more importantly, when to stop. (28 November)

 A 10-Year Review of the Evolution of Watches in the UAE – Remy Julia analyses the results from watch auctions held in Dubai over the last decade and picks out the trends that allowed Christie’s Dubai to grow exponentially through this time. (28 November)

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