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CME launches Mandala-inspired pendants | Post

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CME has announced the launch of its new bee and butterfly pendants which are inspired by Mandala art.

The company said it made the decision to expand its collection of bee and butterfly pendants with these new pieces as nature reportedly continues to trend in jewellery sales in 2022.

Reportedly, a mandala is traditionally a geometric design or pattern that represents the cosmos or deities in various heavenly worlds. In the ancient Sanskrit language of Hinduism and Buddhism, mandala means ‘circle’.

Tracey Toach, designer and buyer at CME, said: “The inspiration behind the designs was Mandala art, I love the symmetry we find in nature, I feel the harmony, beauty and balance reflected in creation is inspiring.”

Just last week, CME also launched its daisy-inspired earring collection comprising sterling silver pieces featuring a classic two tone daisy.

The first design features a classic single daisy design adoring the huggie hoop or ring, the second presents a single daisy charm, and the final design includes daisies featured around the hoop.

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