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Dollie Jewellery welcomes business partner amid global revamp

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Dollie Jewellery has appointed Melanie Tillett as its new business partner in a bid to revamp the silver jewellery brand.

Dollie Jewellery is now expanding its presence nationally and internationally, and Tillett will be responsible for pushing the company as it prepares to enter the global marketplace.

Tillett is the company director of multimillion pound fashion brand Tilletts Clothing. Meanwhile, Dollie Jewellery was founded by Lincolnshire businesswoman Karen Webb-Meek in 2012, and it manufactures 925 silver jewellery pieces.

Dollie Jewellery said it was “flying high” on airlines such as Virgin Atlantic and Thomas Cook, and was stocked in hundreds of retail stores across the UK. However, the jewellers was impacted when the pandemic hit.

Webb-Meek said: “As a wholesale supplier, we relied on retail traders to place orders with us. During the pandemic, the business was decimated. No jewellery shops were open, and the sector was considered non-essential so of course we were in the last tranche to reopen.

“It’s an exciting time. It’s wonderful to be working with Mel, she has had amazing success with the Tilletts brand, and we are looking to replicate that with Dollie.”

Tillett added: “Karen’s a visionary entrepreneur, I admire her tenacity and she doesn’t shy away from hard work, and I think she has a brilliant brand with Dollie and I know I can help drive the brand forwards through my experience with Tilletts.

“I also love the fact that, like Tilletts, it is a local Lincolnshire brand. We have a lot to do, we are basically starting again from scratch, but I’m very motivated and so is Karen, and we have also managed to get a third very experienced business investor involved.”

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