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Goldsmiths’ Centre launches online skills course

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The Goldsmiths’ Centre has launched its first self-paced online skills course for the jewellery industry, aiming to “guide learners on how to produce high-quality videos simply using the smartphones in their pockets”.

The first course, which shows how to produce “high-quality” videos on your smartphone using iDEC, has been developed in partnership with Brightest Bulb.

Over the course of 10 modules, it aims to teach jewellers, silversmiths and members of the industry “how to make their own videos, with minimal cost, that tell a story and bring their jewellery brands to life”.

Chris Oliver, head of professional training, said: “We’re excited to offer our UK and global audience a more flexible and convenient way of learning online with the Goldsmiths’ Centre. This new course, developed in partnership with Brightest Bulb, is accessible from anywhere and allows you to set your own schedule, guiding you on how to create high-quality videos with minimal investment.

“Video has become a universal communication tool and from Instagram to YouTube and website promos, it has enormous potential to engage new customers, tell your story and keep your brand visible for longer.”

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