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Guangzhou International Jewellery& Diamond Conference 2021 – Invited CEO and Co-founder Smiling Rocks to share thoughts on Lab Grown Diamonds development globally

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 On the 3rd November 2021, the Guangzhou International Jewellery& Diamond Exchange held a Conference on the theme of “Dual Circulation, New Development-From Global Jewellery Factory to Global Jewellery Market.”  The guests and representatives share their views on the economy and trade as well as international and domestic industry, focusing on the integrating into China’s huge consuming market and achieving growth.

 They invited Zulu Ghevriya, The CEO and Co-founder of Smiling Rocks to be a part of the panel discussion on the Laboratory-grown Diamonds: New Branding, New Marketing in Shenzhenalong with other esteem guests from the industry. Mr. Liang Weizhang, the General Manager of Guangzhou Diamond Exchange was the moderator of the panel discussion.

The purpose of the webinar was to share and exchange knowledge of the laboratory-grown diamonds to the untapped Chinese and Asian market. It was also a conference to enhance the mutual understanding of the natural and man-made diamonds as well as the sustainable development of lab grown diamonds globally.

 Ghevriya’s overall thoughts was that it will be unfair to the consumer if we emphasize marketing the lab grown diamond and jewelry differently than the traditional diamonds. There is a huge potential of laboratory grown diamonds, it can cover all the category that the traditional diamond has covered (such as the engagement and wedding rings, fashion jewelry, High Jewelry etc). He believes it is best for the consumers to decide their luxury purchase, the brands should serve the purpose of disclosing full information about the product and let them decide their preference.

It was shared that Lab Grown Diamonds should not be placed as an opposite product to traditional diamonds, rather a product of innovation from the advance technology. We should work with retailers to enhance the education about lab grown diamonds and the visual representation of the product in the stores together next to the mined diamond jewelry.

Lab grown diamond is telling a new narrative in the industry, especially focusing on the new generation who are looking for options available for their luxury purchase. The lab grown diamonds is not competing with the mined diamonds but rather has introduced with a new light and insight. Both diamonds can co-exist together and it is up to the consumer to deicide.

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