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Lala Salama launches the ‘Hoop Collection’

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Lala Salama has launched its new ‘Hoop Collection’, comprising three different versions of the timeless hoop earrings – one set with a hammered finish, one polished finish and one mini.

The earrings are made solely of brass, and the metal alloy is made of copper and zinc. Additionally, they have all been hand-made by a team of craftspeople in Kenya. 

Meanwhile, the brass is 100% recycled and reportedly contains no newly mined metal; instead it comes from a variety of sources, including redundant keys, padlocks, jewellery waste and metal scrap. 

Lala Salama said: “The brand’s mission is to redefine luxury as handmade, with a vision to collaborate with more artisans, share the expert craftsmanship and African influence with a global audience and contribute in improving the lives of communities and families living in Africa. 

“This collection is the first of many; the perfect mould of African culture and western influence and earrings which one can store in their wardrobe for generations.”

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