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Lily Arkwright sales surge amid ‘strong demand’ for lab diamonds

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Lily Arkwright, the ethical and sustainable lab grown engagement ring retailer has reported it has experienced “strong” demand for ethical jewellery and its lab diamond engagement ring collections in the face of slowing UK online retail sales in February 2022.

The company said it is mindful of supply chain issues and inflation pressures which have recently been exacerbated by the rise in precious metal pricing. However, Lily Arkwright has reportedly been able to mitigate any price rises for customers at this time.

The retailer specialises in sustainable jewellery including moissanite, lab diamonds and coloured precious gemstones.

Lily Arkwright said it continues to believe a “strong demographic change is underway” where consumers put more emphasis on ethical jewellery with “key” sustainability metrics.

Philip Dawson, managing director for Lily Arkwright, said: “Retail sales continue strongly and above ONS benchmark figures released today. Particularly in comparison to online retailers.”

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