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Matilde Jewellery launches Kaleido Collection

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Matilde Jewellery has launched its debut lab-grown precious gemstone designs with its new sustainable Kaleido Collection, made using Earth-friendly materials.

The collection features emeralds, coloured sapphires, rubies, and alexandrite stones, with each piece crafted from 14k recycled yellow gold.

Overall, the collection includes a bracelet, two necklaces, a charm, ear cuff and ring, and it also includes Matilde Jewellery’s first-ever turquoise enamelwork detailing.

Matilde Jewellery said Kaleido is inspired by the “limitless beauty of kaleidoscopes and how they magically create infinite, stunning patterns when you shake the pieces to change their form”.

The jewellers added that the collection presents a “rainbow-hued representation of love, hope, faith, and luck”.

Matilde Faria Mourinho Felix, Matilde Jewellery founder, said: “I am delighted to release our first-ever coloured designs in the Kaleido Collection, featuring lab-grown precious gemstones alongside our signature lab-grown diamonds.

“It is named after the Kaleidoscope, which represents finding beauty in new ways of seeing things. I have chosen lab-grown gems that symbolise love, positivity and hope – all values that are a part of everything that Matilde Jewellery stands for.”

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