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Prestige Valuations launches ethical ring collection

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Hatton Garden-based jeweller, Prestige Valuations, has launched a new range of fully sustainable, ethical natural diamond rings, in a bid to reduce the carbon footprint of proposals.

The first piece in the collection is a 0.5 carat engagement ring. The diamond engagement ring is set in Fairtrade gold and comes with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, proving the stone came from an ethical mine.

Additionally, the gold used to house the gems also come from a certified Fair Trade source. 

Prestige Valuations said this is to reduce the environmental impact of the mining operations and to prevent the exploitation of miners, and that the diamonds are from carbon neutral or negative mines that reportedly don’t harm the environment.

Meanwhile, the diamond comes from the Diavik mine in Canada which is reportedly home to “one of the world’s leading ‘green’ diamond mining operations”.

According to Prestige Valuations, experts estimate more than 100,000 people are set to propose this Christmas, making it a “bumper year for jewellers across the country”. 

The jeweller said that couples hoping to get engaged this Christmas can now purchase a natural diamond engagement ring with a small carbon footprint.

Tim Belson, managing director of Prestige Valuations, said: “We really wanted to see what we could do to make sure our customers could get the most environmentally sustainable jewellery possible.

“With this ring, we are offering our customers a unique opportunity to possess something that they know will hold its value, with the absolute minimum environmental impact.”

He added: “Gold mining can be an incredibly dangerous and damaging industry, with a high dependence on environment-harming chemicals and inhumane mining conditions. 

“By using only Fairtrade gold, we can ensure that not only are the miners treated well, but also the impact on the environment is minimal.”

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