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JeeKoudy Red-Green Colorblind Glasses, Weak Color Correction Glasses for Women/Men Color Weakness, Color Vision Disorder for Driving at Traffic Lights



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★Color Blind Glasses
Colourblindness means a person struggles to identify and distinguish between certain colours.Total colourblindness, meaning a person is unable to see any colour, is very rare.

It is difficult to distinguish the color is inherited from parents and is present at birth, but it can develop later in life.

★Why Choose Our Color Blind Corrective Glasses?
1. For solving red/green colorblindness problems as well as color vision disorder and color weakness

2. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

3. Comes with modern and fashion design with frame

4. A great gift for people who have color blind issues

★note:This is a functional eyewear, which is usually worn at the beginning. A small number of patients may feel a little accustomed and uncomfortable, because for any new product, there will be a process of wearing adaptation. We recommend wearing it for 1-2 hours a day and continuously for no less than a week.

Resin lenses
Embedded screw connection
Lightweight frames

★ Packages:
1* Color Blind Glasses
SEE COLORS NORMALLY:This Color Blind Glasses are designed to help minimize distortion and increase contrast for all colors – not only green, red, yellow or blue.our color blind glasses are equipped with the latest technology lenses that enhance all colors.
IMPROVE YOUR DAILY LIFE:Our color blind glasses can achieve life-changing results for just one thing. See real color for the first time and turn washed-out color into bright, vibrant colors.
STYLISH and MODERN:Design with unique light filter technology and a special mirror coating to protect against glare. We have adopted existing technology and worked with leading experts to develop new and substantially improved results for the entire color blind community.
LIGHTWEIGHT & STYLISH COLOR BLINDNESSGLASSES for men who do not want to sacrifice style for functionality. Made from TR material, our comfy color blindness glasses will become your go-to glasses.
GOOD GIFT:This is a great gift for people with red-green blindness to help them experience life-changing events,Experience the true beauty of the world in scenic locations outdoors and indoors, while watching TV, playing games, surfing the Internet and much more.


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