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Rebekah Ann Jewellery launches Brighton Jewellery Collective

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Rebekah Ann Jewellery has announced the launch of its new sustainable and eco-conscious jewellery workshop, the Brighton Jewellery Collective, which will open in June.

The new workshop will be designed using as much recycled, reclaimed, and repurposed materials, furniture, and equipment as possible. 

Moving on from the current workshop, the Jewellers Hub, which was created in 2016, the new workshop will continue to be a not-for-profit collective space. The new workshop offers a larger workshop area with additional consultation and showroom.

The new space will also offer a home to five other jewellers on their sustainable and eco conscious journey. Rebekah Ann Jewellery said the company is currently collecting as much pre-used materials as possible to build the space.

Additionally, Rebekah Ann, owner of the jewellery brand, said she is working on a new jewellery concept, ‘Beauty in the broken’. The first few items of the collection are complete, and the full collection is expected to launch in the summer.

She said there will be “strong” connections to Japanese aesthetics Wabi Sabi, “finding and accepting the beauty in the imperfect and incomplete”. The collection is also influenced by Kintsugi, and the imperfections and damages of the jewellery and the stones mean “perfectly imperfect jewellery” will be treasured.

The jewellers added that a selection of suppliers and a refining company are on board, meaning the collection will use recycled stones as well as damaged stones.

Ann said: “Once we have the keys, we will be seeing what treasure we can find around Brighton and Hove, and beyond to fit out the new space. If anyone reading this has something that isn’t right for their current space or business and is looking for it to have a new home, I’d love to hear from you.

“I know how hard it is to find bench space that has room for your business to grow and understand the importance of working alongside others, almost peer mentoring, which is why this is a not-for-profit collective space.”

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