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Royal Mint debuts into jewellery market with unisex collection

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The Royal Mint’s newly launched lifestyle brand, 886, has unveiled its debut line of in-house fine jewellery with a unisex collection which uses gold recovered from electronic waste.

Designed by creative director Dominic Jones, the debut collection features classic hoop earrings, T-bar chains, bands, studs, traditional signet rings and cuffs.

Each of the genderless pieces are available in 18ct solid gold, 9ct solid gold, sterling and britannia silver in a variety of different widths and weights.

Additionally, the 886 collection’s “minimalistic” cuff is engraved on the underside with a poem dedicated to gold or silver, and the brand said that future collections will continue to feature verse by celebrated British poets and contemporary wordsmiths.

Meanwhile, 886 is reportedly the first luxury jewellery brand to use 100% recovered gold sourced from discarded electronic waste. The Royal Mint has partnered with Canadian clean technology firm, Excir, to extract pure gold from discarded laptops and mobile phones, recovering over 99% of the gold contained within used electronics.

Around 70% of the collection is currently produced in-house at The Royal Mint manufacturing facility in Llantrisant, South Wales, using “ancient” techniques more commonly used in coin and medal-making.

Dominic Jones, creative director, said: “The 886 collection began with the idea of an institutional gold bullion that has been distorted, inverted and warped into a gentle, soft shape that feels like it floats off the skin. I wanted to celebrate the inherent beauty of precious metal, without the distraction of stones or design flourishes.

“The Royal Mint was created as a trusted place to store value through materials, and the 886 collection explores the idea of jewellery as a wearable asset, in beautiful, classic pieces that will retain their value for multiple generations.”

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