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So-le Studio announces new designs

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So-le Studio, the jewellery brand founded by Maria Sole Ferragamo, has announced the launch of a new set of designs created from upcycled leather.

This expands its existing core collection, continuing on from So-le Studio’s launch in October 2020.

Included in the new collection is the Luce piece, a simple ear cuff and what the studio describes as “the most minimalist piece from SO-LE Studio leather collection”. Also included is the bracelets Lolita and Athena, and the earrings Loie.

So-le Studio said its mission is to “transform leftover materials such as leather and brass into unique jewellery, amulets, and armours for all generations”.

Creative Director Ferragama said: “I see a beautiful energy in the contrast of combining these fun party jewellery pieces with a simple everyday look, there’s a playfulness to them, they adapt to your mood and your day.

“This time, I looked at ferns and other natural shapes but always seeing in them the movement and the geometry first and combining them with structural elements from architecture that are part of my visual vocabulary.”

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