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The Camden Watch Company launches first jewellery piece

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Independent British designer, The Camden Watch Company, has announced its debut into the jewellery market with the launch of a Memento Mori ring.

The ring is solid 925 sterling silver unisex piece, adorned with the comany’s Memento Mori design in black.

The design is a skull surrounded by a Victorian inspired scrollwork, designed by co-founder Anneke Short.

The designers said Memento Mori translates as ‘Remember you must die’, a recurring theme in Victorian jewellery and art, and it was intended as a celebration of life.

The Camden Watch Company was founded by Short and her husband, Jerome Robert, and she studied jewellery design while studying watchmaking.

Short said: “While watch design has always been a passion, I originally studied jewellery making and decided it was time. While I love all the designs we make, the Memento Mori seemed most natural, especially with the link to Victorians who had a fascination with collecting Memento Mori keepsakes. And what better keepsake than a ring.”

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