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The Great Frog launches collaboration with The Rolling Stones

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The Great Frog has announced a collaboration with The Rolling Stones which will launch exclusive handmade jewellery pieces on 8 April 2022.

This collaboration with the band’s fashion and lifestyle brand, RS No.9 Carnaby, will see the pieces launch at the global flagship store.

The collection is inspired by the original artwork from The Rolling Stones’ album, Beggars Banquet, originally released in 1968, with references from the album cover’s graphics.

Pieces from the collaboration include the Beggars Banquet Defaced Skull Ring, a skull design with engraved details from the original Beggars Banquet album cover, and the Rolling Stones Tongue Signet Ring featuring a golden twist on the “iconic” Rolling Stones tongue design.

Additionally, the Rolling Stones I.D Bracelet is a chunky chain featuring engravings from the album cover, including a unique clasp mechanism with the tongue logo, opened by pressing on the tongue.

Each item is made from Hallmarked British 925 sterling silver and embellished with a solid 9ct yellow gold tongue logo.

Reino Lehtonen-Riley, creative director at The Great Frog, said: “The Great Frog and The Rolling Stones were born from the epicentre of London’s first youth culture movement, Carnaby Street, and are entwined by the ground swell of the era-defining rock and roll movement of the 1960s.

“Both intrinsically linked with the zeitgeist of the first rock and roll generation, this collaboration is 60 years in the making, so we are incredibly proud to work with the biggest and best band of all time.”

David Boyne, managing director of Bravado, added: “We are excited to be collaborating with iconic London rock-n-roll heritage brand The Great Frog. This exclusive collection is inspired by the Beggars Banquet album, which will appeal to generations of Rolling Stones fans and will be a special purchase in the band’s 60th year.”

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