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Tokimonsta launches 3-part jewellery capsule in partnership with Wonther

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Music producer Tokimonsta, real name Jennifer Lee, has launched a three-part capsule collection in collaboration with the ethical jewellery brand Wonther, based around the concept of mushrooms.

The capsule collection consists of three jewellery tokens that will be dropped over the next three months.

The first drop is the resilience necklace, the second jewel to drop is the healing earring
and the third and last drop is the creativity ring.

Tokimonsta said: “Mushrooms inspire resilience, healing and creativity. I designed these pieces so the wearer is able to keep a small reminder of these pillars with them in everyday life. When the chaos in this world becomes overwhelming, I hope the jewellery will serve as a reminder for how we are in constant connection to all living things – and each other.”

A spokesperson for Wonther’s added: “At Wonther we’re proud of prioritising our values in everything we do. Jennifer is a representation of what we believe in – strong, creative, and kind. This collaboration is the perfect personification of Jennifer’s love for mushrooms with our ethical modus operandi.”

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